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Fixed Price Tender Planning
Where the tender process requires a project plan, don't sign up to expensive hourly rates.  Instead, contact us for a fixed price with set deadline option.

Delay Analysis
Even where Project Scheduling has not been your planner, we can advise on delay and disruption claim oportunities and risks.  We will provide you with the information in an easily understood format to substantiate or refute claims.


On time, on budget & greater profit...

These are just a few of the reasons to select Project Scheduling as your planning consultant or construction manager.  We can assist in all aspects and techniques of project scheduling, planning and construction management.

Specialising in supporting the project team with critical path scheduling to complex claims analysis we are always up to date with current practices and methodologies, and are able to recommend the right method for any application from large public infrastructure construction to unique, multi-discipline engineering projects.

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